Grow your startup with zero marketing budget

Get access to marketing services without any outright costs with Service for Equity

You already spend a lot of resources building that amazing product and marketing shouldn’t be your headache too. A low to zero marketing expenditure gives you extra resources that can be allocated to other areas of growth in your startup. We help grow your brand at the early stages by offering strategic marketing services at no/low cost, in exchange for equity in your startup.

Save more to do more

Improve your product, get more stock, hire more staff, you decide. Allocate your scarce resources to the things that grow your business.

Accelerate your growth

You’ve built great products. We’ll help you tell the story that builds the connections to the many people that need them.

Freedom from debt

You only pay dividends when your business makes profits. Not having the burden of debt can be a huge advantage for your small business.

How it works

Step 1

Check for eligibility and complete the application form below in full, providing all the relevant details of your startup.

Step 2

Look out for a confirmation email and a call from our team. It takes on average 7-10 business days to process applications.

Step 3

Discuss your startup’s marketing goals, agree on mutually beneficial terms, sign addendum and finalize all legal procedures.

Step 4

Start growing your startup with little or no marketing budget, do more with less and focus on the things that matter.

Portfolio Companies

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for Service for Equity your startup must meet the following criteria:

  • A legally registered Limited Liability Company.
  • Must be already operational for a minimum of 1 year or reached traction.
  • A concise business model and pitch deck.
  • Accurate financial performance or projections.
  • Bootstrapped or Venture backed.